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Welcome to Growing Together Doula Services! This is YOUR place. Your place to be heard. Your place to feel safe. Your place to express yourself freely. Your place to GROW

I too was once a pregnant person who thought I knew what was to come.
I too was a new parent who thought I had read all the "right" things. 
I too was the parent who was at a loss, who struggled with feeding my baby, who struggled with societal demands of me. 

I too am a parent with small children just rolling with the punches. I get it. I so get it. 

Growing Together Doula Services was born out of real life, but more importantly, real common, struggles of becoming (and being) a parent. It's authentic. It's raw. It's growth. But I'm here to help; you are not alone here. 

So let's grow together...

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As a certified postpartum doula for the North Bay and surrounding area, I am a trained professional who provides non-medical support for you and the entire family as needed. This means I work fluidly alongside the other people on your support team (ie. family/friends and healthcare providers). 

I'll also be equipped with the most recent evidence-based information that I can provide without bias; meaning I provide you with current information so you can make the best choice for your family without my opinions or judgement colouring anything. I have extensive training in breastfeeding support and in being able to spot warning signs of postpartum mood disorders. To help me help you, I also have many resources for community referrals as necessary.

Family support can include baby care, helping siblings adjust, light tidying (laundry/dishes) and meal prep, hanging out with baby
 while you rest/shower, breastfeeding/feeding support, running grocery errands, attending errands/appointments with you to reduce stress and much more!

Be a part of the Growing Together Community!

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Quality training & constant education for the most up to date information to help serve you best!
Fast response time to inquires so you aren't left guessing or waiting! 
Inclusive of everyone, always friendly, compassionate & a safe place for you to be you with your emotions & thoughts!